Angara seeks to remember and honor the hero cop killed while protecting civilians

Posted on: Fri, 12/06/2019 - 14:55 By: admin
Police Master Sergeant Jason Magno

Senator Sonny Angara is set to file a resolution seeking to honor the hero cop who gave his life to save several school children from an armed assailant.

In filing the resolution, Angara said Police Master Sergeant Jason Magno made the ultimate sacrifice when he used his body to cover a grenade thrown by a man who ran amok inside the Initao College campus in Misamis Oriental.

“Master Sergeant Magno responded to the call of duty to protect the lives of civilians. Without thinking of his own safety, he used his body to cover the grenade, saving more lives but tragically losing his own in the process,” Angara said.

“It is only proper that the Senate recognizes Magno for his heroism. It is men like him who represent the best of the PNP and Filipinos as a whole,” Angara added.

Just before noon of November 28, a man wielding a bladed weapon and grenade entered the Initao College campus in Barangay Jampason, Misamis Oriental.

Magno and fellow Master Sergeant Alice Balido responded to the incident and faced the assailant who was threatening the students and faculty of the school.

It was reported that the assailant hurled the grenade, prompting Magno to use his body to cover the explosive in order to shield the civilians in the vicinity.

A total of 10 students and Balido were injured from the incident.

“Master Sergeant Magno’s heroic death should serve as a reminder of the service provided by our brave men and women in the PNP. Every day they risk their lives to keep us safe from criminal elements,” Angara said.

“The Senate expresses its condolences to the family he left behind. We need more heroes like Master Sergeant Magno,” Angara added.