Posted on: Fri, 07/19/2019 - 12:59 By: admin
CC BY-SA 4.0 Garciabillyjoe State of the Nation Address

The President has been generally successful in fulfilling his promise to rid the country of the scourge of illegal drugs and this can be seen in the people’s perception on how he is doing on this front based on the surveys. Peace and order was the thrust of the first half of his term in office. Now it is time to build on his legacy.

The administration is on the right track as far as putting up the infrastructure needed to move the country forward in the next decades. The people are eagerly awaiting the results of these projects and how they will benefit from them. If the President can address the traffic problems faced by the country’s major urban areas and give the commuting public the efficient transportation system that they deserve, then I believe a great deal of the criticisms hurled against him on various fronts will be set aside.

We believe the administration has the political will and capability to get things done. We now have the Free tuition Law, Free Irrigation Law and Universal Healthcare Act, all of which will improve the lives of the people, particularly the poor. We would like to see them building on these gains.

For the 4th SONA, the President must outline his plans, not only for the next three years, but for the next decade. The 2020 national budget should lay down the framework for the 10-year development plan for the country. This should result in the next administration building on what the President has achieved and what he started during his term and not the perennial focus on going after its predecessors. Of course we would also like to hear the President fulfilling his promise of raising the salaries of our teachers. We want to see the creation of more jobs and opportunities for the Filipino people so that they are able to improve their lives and no longer see the need to go abroad in order to make ends meet. (30)