Senator Sonny Angara on the death of Gina Lopez

Posted on: Mon, 08/19/2019 - 09:38 By: admin
Gina Lopez


By her selfless works, Gina’s work was the confirmed environment secretary of the people,  the minister for sustainable development, and the ambassador for children’s rights. 

She spent a lifetime pouring her considerable talents in bringing to the mainstream the powerless and the voiceless who exist forgotten in the  margins of society. 

She fought for children who were incapable of seeking justice and care  for themselves and eloquently spoke for the people in the communities  whose voices have been crushed by exploitation. 

She even took it upon herself to represent a constituency that cannot vote – trees, fish, rivers and wildlife –  because she correctly believed that  our continued existence and that of our children is dependent on theirs. 

Gina did not preach what she did not practice. She was not a Powerpoint crusader but a living example of how to live a life that will not bankrupt  earth’s resources to support us.

She was a one-person green warrior who took the fight to where it matters – in boardrooms,  chatrooms,  government offices, and in her favorite office – out in the open, under a forest canopy or underwater, where she was in her element with people she loved in a country she never gave up hope on.   

In the last years of her life, she produced  a travelogue, of the sublime kind, because it did not only transport us to the beautiful places in our country, but gave us a lesson on the importance of protecting these. 

She left us a bucket list to comply with and follow.